Samoa's FAST MPs want their pay

Some of the twenty six members of Samoa's FAST government have appealed to the new Minister of Finance to be paid.

Finance Minister Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molio'o has told the Samoa Observer MPs have asked about the status of their salary payments.

She confirmed they had not been paid since they were elected and subsequently sworn in on 24 May in the now infamous tent swearing in ceremony.

Mulipola said that they are now in their second week in control of government coffers but they have not yet been paid.

The Minister said she has now advised the Ministry of Finance to work with the Clerk of the House and the Attorney General to make the necessary arrangements to effect salary payments.

She said her concern is the MPs in the caretaker government were paid through July but the 26 MPs, who won the election and had been sworn in, have not received any payments to date.

Mulipola said "this is concerning for me as the new Minister of Finance and I am committed to working with my Ministry to ensure this apparent difference in treatment and the nature and quality of the advice I have received to date, is immediately addressed and corrected.