Satuiatua Beach Fales owner stays optimistic despite Covid-19 pandemic challenges

Satuiatua Beach Fales located on the South Western coast of Savaii has not been spared the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Owner and longtime businesswoman, Leilua Tutogi Mailei is optimistic that her resort will survive the challenges.

Leilua said her resort did not close since the lockdown and all of her employees have been able to keep their jobs.

“I’m fighting and striving while crying at the same time because if we give in to our weaknesses then we’ll surely fail,” she said.

“I’m so grateful to our local people because although we’re not getting the normal number of guests we usually do, we’re still accommodating people who come over for their family faalavelave and reunions and so forth so we’re staying open and will continue to do so.”

“We’re optimistic and ready for when the borders reopen for tourists to return to our country and boost our economy once again.

“We try our best to keep our resort open because this is the future of our children and it’s the source of income to assist our families, church, village and communities.”

During the vaccination campaign, Satuiatua Beach Fales received funding to host a vaccination booth.

While the pandemic might not have had a severe effect on the business, sea-level rise certainly has.

According to Leilua, sea-level rise has damaged some parts of the facilities that are closer to the sea as well as the beach

Another issue is guests damaging properties during their stay.

“There was this other group of teenagers who came and stayed here with us and one of the girls ended up kicking the door and left a huge whole on it so that’s one of the challenges for us.”

Leilua said they were able to upgrade some facilities with the grant made available through the Government’s economic stimulus package.

Satuiatua Beach Fales has over ten open fales and rooms as well as one main open house for dining.


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