Save the Children sends helping hands to Samoa

Save the Children Emergency Health Unit has deployed an international team of seven to support the Samoan Ministry of Health combat the measles outbreak.

The team comprises Mary and Milca, two midwives from Kenya, Dr. John a GP from Congo, Dr. Brian an obstetrician from England, Rocco a logistician from Lebanon, Kelly a nurse from the UK and Dr. Louisa, Team Leader also from the UK.

A second team is due to be deployed on 21 December to take over and will be in Samoa until 14 January 2020.

The midwives are working actively in the labour ward (3 babies delivered since work begun with national Samoan staff) and supporting in antenatal and post-natal clinic alongside Dr. Brian and Dr. John is supporting Faleolo health center alongside the NZ Emergency Medical Team.

Kelly is working in the paediatric wards providing inpatient care to children with measles and also works hard supporting the WHO/MoH hospital infection prevention control group.

Rocco is working with central supply chain and logistics team to devise ward based stock keeping and forecasting tool for all wards and OT in order to restart routine services.

The team are reported to be really enjoying working in collaborating with the Samoan clinical team and are so grateful to have this opportunity to support the Samoan people at this time.


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