Sydney-based Samoan family maintains faith in the midst of bushfires

A Sydney-based Samoan family is holding firm to prayers and faith in the midst of the bushfires that are devastating parts of Australia.

Head and father of the family, Seiuli Talalelei Sinaumea said his family are keeping their hopes for their safety especially the children.

“Currently in Australia, the feeling is scary but of course we cannot let abandon our faith,” he said.

Bushfires have claimed at least 28 lives and destroyed thousands of homes in Victoria and New South Wales.

According to the NSW Rural Fire Services, 123 fires are burning across the state and 50 are uncontained.

Seiuli told Loop Samoa correspondent, Talaia Mika that the most dangerous part about the bushfire in his territory is the ashes and flames.

But he is grateful for the rain that helped ease the bushfire close to where he lives.

“I’ll say what they usually say, God is good and He really is good for we are safe from the worries of the bushfires that was heading towards our area,” he said.

Seiuli is a father of six and his eldest, Matalasi Sinaumea who is 16 years of age has asthma.

According to Seiuli, Sinaumea is the most vulnerable of his children and she has to remain indoors.

“It’s dangerous here with the kids with asthma most especially so they are kept in the house most of the times and looked out for.”

Seiuli’s mother in Samoa, Lauagaia Sinaumea is also keeping the family in prayers.

The Sinaumea family loves visiting their families in Samoa where they are instilled their Samoan heritage.

Their family traditions and culture grow sturdy in their family hence why their praying life is firm as well during the crisis.

“We’ll keep the faith as always and we’re positive that anything is possible with God. We’ll be safe,” Seiuli said in a message to his families in Samoa.


Photo supplied by Talaia Mika 


Talaia Mika