Taxi driver in Samoa flees carjackers

A taxi driver in Samoa ran his vehicle into a ditch and escaped from two carjackers, who had taken him for an all-night joyride at knife point.

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil has confirmed David Paulo, 20, and Matthew Asimalu, 18, are in custody following the incident.

The Samoa Observer reports they are alleged to have entered a taxi parked in front of a Vaiusu store and put a knife to the driver's neck before ordering him to drive.

The driver told police that during the joyride he managed to drive his taxi into a ditch at Moata'a village and escape.

The taxi driver went to the police station and discovered a second driver had complained of two passengers he had taken from Moata'a to Vaiusu, who had run off without paying a fare.

Police were able to track the two men to their home using a phone had stolen from one of the drivers.

The pair are already on bail facing charges of burglary.