Three arrested following drug raid in Samoa

Samoa Police are continuing their crackdown on illicit drugs with the arrest of three people during a raid in Satapuala and Faleatiu.

Two men and a woman were taken into custody over the seizure of more than 1000 marijuana plants.

The suspects are in police custody and will be charged with possession and cultivation of narcotics.

Acting Police Commissioner, Auapaau Logo Filipo led a team of about 50 officers in the raid in the early hours of Thursday.

The plants were confiscated from four of six targeted areas by police.

Auapaau said, “Usually around this time of the year close to end of the year holidays, we would always expect to confiscate this much amount of drugs and so forth.”

“This is the second police raid since the general elections because we were focusing on the elections alone and with the political involvement of police in it but now we've started once our investigations once again.”

Auapaau said the aim is to lessen the drugs or marijuana plants before Christmas where dealers are expected to sell and use the drugs for fun.

There were no guns or other drugs unlike a previous raid.

Police seized 1,152 marijuana plants and 3 illegal weapons following the arrest of two men during a raid in Samalaeulu in Savaii.

Auapaau acknowledged the strong support of the village residents especially the village mayor of Faleàtiu who was present when police searched the targeted areas.

“Felatiu and Satapuala are the well-known with marijuana and now that we're in a bit of a break from the general elections, we''ll continue our ongoing investigations on drugs before Christmas for a safer Samoa,” Auapaau said.


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Talaia Mika