Upolu registers first female candidate for Samoa’s election

Former National University of Samoa Deputy Vice Chancellor, Maugaoalii Ufagalilo Fa’amanu Mualia is the first female to have registered as a candidate for next year’s general elections in Samoa.

Maugaoalii was seen at the NPF plaza registration centre in Upolu, formalising her candidacy for the ruling Human Rights Protection Party

She had earlier announced her intentions to run against Samoa’s Minister of Justice and Courts Administration (MJCA), Afioga Faaolesa Katopau Ainu’u for the village of Apia, under Vaimauga IV.

Maugaoalii filed a lawsuit against the National University of Samoa earlier this year for wrongful dismissal when the NUS had dissolved the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Corporate Services position.

She is one of 24 candidates that registered in Upolu.

Out of the total number of registered candidates, 12 have registered for the FAST Party,  11 for the  Human Rights Protection Party and 1 Tautua.

The Office of the Electoral Commissioner has confirmed that after the first week of registrations, 71 candidates have been registered.

Candidates have until Friday, 23 October to register. Candidates intending to contest in Savaii can also register in Upolu next week.