Vaimoso Methodist Church opens $1.5 million tala church

The Vaimoso Methodist Church has opened a new church building which cost about $1.5 million tala to construct.

The church can seat up to 400 people.

Leaders of the church and 29 families (matafale) of the congregation celebrated the opening last week which saw some traditional Samoan events like the Ta'alolo.

About 25 Ta'alolo presented ietoga and money from several relatives and friends of the church, raising a total of WST$224,700.

A Po Siva (dance function) also raised a total of WST$106,535.40.

A total of WST$150,500 was collected from invitation gifts, also not included in the cost of the building.

According to the church secretary, Manuleleua Asiata Ioane, the construction of the church began in June last year and was completed in June this year.

"The work kept delaying due to the Covid-19 circumstances with the lockdown which made it more expensive," he said.

"However we're really grateful to the Ekalesia for approving our loan with 5 per cent discount which made this day possible, glory be to God.

"We've encountered many obstacles along the way with the pandemic and so forth but finally, all our hard earned efforts have been paid off.

The church builder was paid WST$330,000 for his work - this amount is included in the cost of the church building.”

The church also organised corporate table events as fundraisers to contribute towards construction costs .


Photo supplied 

Talaia Mika