White Sunday with Digicel Samoa

Samoa is a country with strong family bonds.

As you enter the country, you see wide-open spaces, manicured lawns and open structure homes called Fale's. The family structure is the most important fabric in the Samoan culture. The country celebrates family bonds spread over 3 main events Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and White Sunday.

The White Sunday festival is a celebration of children in the family, which acknowledge and celebrates childhood. The event falls on the second Sunday of October each year. The day is for parents and communities to acknowledge and celebrate childhood by hosting special programs during church services, which include scriptural recitations, biblical story reenactments, and creative dance performances.

Children receive gifts and new clothes on White Sunday and are allowed privileges normally reserved for elders, such as being the first to be served food at family mealtime.

At Digicel Samoa, we believe that the communities are at the heart of all our engagement programs and the stronger bonds develop when brands understand and participate in festival celebrations and community events.

While we were planning the White Sunday program, we kept in mind the needs and wish lists of children in the country. So everything that triggers positive emotions and wide smiles on the faces of children - we included them as part of our program.

The White Sunday consumer promotion makes all customers buying a data bundle above $5 to be eligible for lucky draws with top gifts like PlayStation 4, McDonald’s meal vouchers, church clothes for the White Sunday service, school fees for a year and ice cream vouchers.

While we planned this promotion, we conducted a focus group discussion with a batch of children from 8-15 years. What we found out was interesting. Children love gaming consoles like PlayStation, burgers from McDonalds and ice cream. We incorporated this feedback into our promotion and the entire range of prizes revolves around these.

In the words of Digicel Samoa CEO, Mr. Deepak Khanna; "We listened to consumer feedback and the children told us exactly what brings smiles to their faces. Our White Sunday campaign exactly delivers that. At Digicel Samoa the connection with community is very strong and we continuously strive to create products and services that connect with the heart of our consumers."

The White Sunday promotion runs from 17 September through 6 October 2021.Weekly Winners are announced each Monday, and each Friday we present the gifts to the Winners. There will be 40 lucky winners each week and 1 winner for the grand prize of the PlayStation 4.


Photo supplied Digicel Samoa  Caption: White Sunday festival in Samoa is a celebration of children in the family.