Women of Samoa’s Asaga village enhance skills to generate income

Thirty women of Asaga village in Savaii have taken up sewing and elei skills classes through a project

The youth have also volunteered to be part of the project.

The village of Asaga celebrated the official closing of the project last week, where the village mayor Sui o le Nuu Lualua Tautu thanked the Programme Manager of the Civil Society Support Program (CSSP). 

Tautu said the participants were selected on a needs basis that targeted unemployed low-income families, not all of whom had any prior knowledge of sewing or elei printing.

“Our village relies primarily on agricultural farming as our source of income and for daily consumption.  We are grateful for this funding assistance which enabled the women of Asaga to acquire the skills to sew their own clothing and their children’s uniforms which is a cost saving for the families”.

Lualua said the project started last year and the initial benefits were displayed during last year’s White Sunday celebrations, where mothers sewed their children’s clothes without needing to buy expensive clothes from the stores or pay a tailor to have them sewn.