‘What in the world’: Ex-NRL star takes WWE by storm with epic move

Former NRL player Daniel Vidot is taking the wrestling world by storm, stunning WWE fans with an epic move in his latest appearance.

Vidot played 124 games in the NRL before retiring in 2017, announcing his plans to pursue a professional wrestling career with WWE.

The 31-year-old, who is known in the ring as Xyon Quinn, signed a development contract with WWE in 2018 and made his on-screen debut on Smackdown last year, losing to WWE superstar Sheamus.

Following years of training, Vidot has recently been rewarded with weekly appearances on WWE’s high-profile shows 205 Live and NXT.

He has burst onto the WWE scene and notched up his seventh win in a row over the weekend with another strong performance against Ru Feng.

Vidot had to contend with a couple of mini attacks from Feng but ultimately outclassed him, sealing the win by landing a menacing forearm.

But it was a creative move midway through the match that attracted the attention of viewers and endeared him to diehard WWE fans.

Vidot appeared to have made a mess of a fairly standard “leapfrog” move on Feng but he used his instincts to turn the mistake into a masterstroke.

Flying through the air, Vidot accidentally caught his leg around Feng’s neck and he managed to successfully pull off a “slingblade”, slamming his opponent into the canvas.

Viewers were stunned by Vidot’s epic move and his ability to innovate on the run.

“What in the world?,” the commentator exclaimed.

“Oh man! If you’re grading that on creativity that’d be a 10, would it not.”

A clip of the insane moment was shared on social media as WWE fans tried to get their heads around Vidot’s unusual execution.

“That’s gotta be one of the smoothest botch transitions I’ve ever seen,” a fan on Reddit said.

“This looks like a finishing move,” said another.

“It was accidental but looked so good.”

Another added: “Unintentional awesomeness. Love it!”

WWE supporters went nuts on social media, urging Vidot to make the accidental manoeuvre a “finisher”.

The man, whose wrestling nickname is The Untamed posted a video of the move, asking his followers: “What do we call it?”.

The action keeps coming for Vidot, who has been challenged to a match by Robert Stone at WWE NXT 2.0.




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