Games security well planned, says Police Commissioner

Security and safety at the Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games are well planned, says the Director of Security, Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil.

As director, he ensures overall safety and security for the Games, which run from 7-20 July. 

This includes being responsible for developing and implementing security policies, protocols and procedures. He looks after the recruiting, training and supervising of police and security officers.

He firmly believes the Games will be a success.

"Everything has been well planned; there are still some materials, some assets, that need to be ironed out but we are doing everything possible from the law enforcement side to make these events - pre-event, during the event and post the event - secure for all of us, including our guests in Samoa."

He added: "We can't do it all ourselves, but we have a very strong partner, the Australian Federal Police, that is helping us in trying to make this work. We have also reached out to New Zealand and they are going to help us out as well. Everything is coming [together] really well."

With his vast experience from working in US law enforcement, he is proud to be back in Samoa and be able to give back to his homeland.

"There are a lot of places that I can go live but I chose to come here. This is where I was born and raised. All my ties and deep roots are here in Samoa," he said.

"This is the reason I am honoured to be Commissioner of Police in Samoa - so I can contribute to the overall security of our country."

"I am just an individual like everyone, but hopefully I have led our country in putting the system in place and to make a difference. When I leave this post it will be a little bit safer and when someone else comes on board they will do a better job," he added.