Netball Fiji launches new official website

Netball Fiji has launched its new official website to strengthen its online presence with the audience.

The federation signed a partnership agreement with web developer company Elevation Technologies with the aim of connecting more with players, fans, patrons and stakeholders.

Netball Fiji Chief Executive Vivian Koster said there was a growing need to use as many medium as possible to reach all stakeholders

“This is a long-term goal and I think just recognizing that the website is a necessary tool now, separate from social media and it’s an opportunity to get our stories out there, you may have noticed some of our stories have been picked up by world netball and shared on their sites and also on their newsletters so this is another way of getting our stories out there and also for people to get in touch with us.”

Founding member of Elevation Technologies, Nabinesh Chand said as the sport of netball is growing in the country, they want to help the organization by enabling its reach to a wider audience.

“We have the whole team here about five members but at least everyone played a part in it, we worked on it full time in helping develop.”

Part of the partnership also includes the development of Netball Fiji’s online shop by Elevation Technologies which will be executed in the next few months.