Pele to return to One Tree Hill

Samoa U 17 rep Pele (Eti) Tamaolefale will resume his studies at One Tree Hill College this year in late April.

Eti as he is commonly known was the FFS candidate to the OFC Education Centre (OEC) Program in 2016.

The OEC seeks to bring the best young players of Oceania together in a residential programme which provides full-time academic study along with intensive individualised football development.

The program was last year sponsored by insurance giants AIA however they have since left which has meant a short disruption in the program and start of the year. Fortunately the OFC have decided to push on with the initiative with the understanding that each country from the region would provide more assistance for its scholarship holder.

“Unfortunately the previous sponsor of this program pulled out which has meant FFS has had to commit a substantial financial outlay to make this opportunity possible for Eti.

The Federation and especially its governing Committee believe strongly in the benefits these opportunities present only to Eti but for our future local youth both male and female, hence our continued support”.  – FFS CEO, Faumuina Michael Kapisi

Playing one of the most significant position in football of Goalkeeper, Eti is seen as a future Senior National representative. He has recently returned from participating in the OFC U17 Championship held in Tahiti in January 2017 according to FFS website.

Pele was born on the 25th February 2000 and is a member of Vaivase-Tai Football Club. He is one of the fourteen children of Mr and Mrs Tamaolefale.