Samoa prepares for Oceania Championship League qualifiers

Samoa is preparing for the Oceania Championship League qualifying tournament that will be held in New Zealand this month.

The boys are physically and mentally preparing themselves for the tournament and are hoping to start off 2020 with a victory for Samoa and make their country proud.

Team management member, Fuata La’I Tautiaga told Loop Samoa correspondent Talaia Mika that the team is proud to represent Samoa overseas again.

“If we proceed our previous outing, might proceed to Tahiti and if we come first in this round held in New Zealand, we’ll proceed to Tahiti and if we come second, we’ll continue to New Caledonia,” Fuata said.

Majority of the team players are made of the Magiagi Soccer club and support from the village has been overwhelming according Vaa Otele.

Mr. Otele is one of the players heading for the tournament.

“Football is in my blood and is my life and it’s what keeps me going and now that I’ll be representing our country again, I’m honoured and always proud,” he said.

Mr Otele is one of the youngest players of the team and for him, participating in church more often is one of the inspirations.

Mr. Otele does not work nor go to school anymore but is now committed full time to football except for Sundays and where he has to go to church.

The team is camping at the Football Federation Samoa (F.F.S) campus to prepare for the tournament.


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Talaia Mika