Samoa weightlifters win Oceania League Cup Tournament

Samoa has clinched first place winning AUD $10,000 in the Oceania League Tournament.

The Samoan weightlifters had great performances throughout the nine rounds and won every single match.

Australia had a very consistent team that won eight of the nine rounds and came in second. 

In third place was New Zealand, another consistent team right throughout the tournaments winning seven of the nine rounds.    

The tournament ran for nine months virtuallly due to travel restrictions associated with the global Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 140 weightlifters from the Oceania region participated.

The prizes won by the countries are as follows:•

  • 1st Samoa AUD$10,000
  • 2nd Australia AUD$ 8,000 
  • 3rd New Zealand AUD$ 6,000 
  • 4th Nauru AUD$5,000 
  • 5th Papua New Guinea AUD$4,000 
  • 6th Solomon Islands AUD$ ,000 
  • 7th Pacific One AUD$2,500 
  • 8th Kiribati AUD2,000 
  • 9th Fiji AUD$1,500 
  • 10th Pacific Two AUD$ 1,000

The prize money will be transferred to all participating National Federations by the end of the week. 

The winning cup will be presented to Samoa at the Oceania Championships, which will be held in Nauru at the end of August. 

Several countries have indicated that they would like to see this Email League Tournament to continue for another season.

Oceania Weightlifting is at the possibility of having three leagues.

One league of eight teams with a total of 16 lifters each – 8 men and 8 women.

A second league of seven countries with a total of 6 lifters – 3 men and 3 women.

A third league of seven countries with a total of 4 lifters – 2 men and 2 women.

All countries will be contacted in the future with regards to their participation.


Photo Samoa Weightlifting Federation/Facebook