10 people injured

Gunman shoots 10 in New York subway after setting off smoke bomb, manhunt underway

It has prompted fresh vows by officials for measures to reverse a surge in violence in the city's transit system.

Five of those shot were in critical but stable condition, and six others were injured by shrapnel from bullets and other sources, as well as a panicked crush of people fleeing the carriage as it quickly filled up with smoke, officials said. Some riders collapsed to the ground as they poured on to the platform in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighbourhood.

Knife-wielding man injures 10 on Tokyo train

The suspect, 36, allegedly told police he became angry when he saw women who "looked happy" and wanted to kill them, according to local media reports.

One victim, a female student, is said to be seriously injured, while the others suffered less severe injuries.

Violent crime is rare in Japan and tight security measures are in place in Tokyo, which is hosting the Olympics.

The man attacked passengers on a train near Seijogakuen station at about 20:40 (11:40 BST) on Friday.

Samoan man dead, 10 injured in crash on Napier-Taupō road

Police say the van was carrying RSE workers who were travelling from Hastings to Taupō for a holiday.

The man was in the van's passenger seat when the crash happened just before 10am yesterday (Monday).

Acting Sergeant Nathan Ross said the truck collided with the van as the van turned right into the Tarawera Cafe.

"In the van there were 10 Samoan RSE workers and one New Zealander. The New Zealand Police are currently working with the Samoan Commission to inform the families of the people in the van."