Fitness group unites Flaxmere community to help displaced RSE Workers

Tagata Pasifika reports the group launched two years ago, offering free fitness classes in Flaxmere, where Pacific people account for around 30% of the population.

But when the deluge hit the region last week, founder Viliamu Malaitai says the group felt compelled to assist the Pasifika victims, mostly RSE workers, who had lost their homes and possessions.

“As we know, these guys come from overseas, so they only have what they have, and to lose what they have, which is the bare minimum, it’s quite sad really,” Malaitai says.

China to create fund to help Pacific Island countries defeat COVID-19

Wang made the remarks at the first China-Pacific Island Countries Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Beijing via video link.

He said the bilateral relationship between China and the Pacific Island countries has shown a good development momentum, and the comprehensive strategic partnership has continued to deepen.

Relations between the two sides are based on mutual respect and equity, Wang said.

Churches assist Samoa’s preparation for transmittable diseases

The presentation was done on behalf of Rev. Ben Maua Afisivalu, first lady and the Board of the Samoa Waymaker Assembly of God Church and the Samoa Assembly of God.

The Waymaker Assembly of God church, located at Pittsburg, San Francisco assembled the container in response to the Measles Outbreak that affected Samoa at the end of 2019.

Initially the Waymaker AOG church planned to travel to Samoa to also conduct outreach programs for the affected families.

China investment in Samoa prods New Zealand’s aid contributions

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, who is also a Radio New Zealand correspondent said, "This would be a good opportunity for New Zealand to show what New Zealand can do to beautify our town, especially on the waterfront.”

“This would be a good opportunity for China to show the tourists coming to Samoa this is what they can do to beautify our waterfront," said Autagavaia.

China’s investment includes a Friendship Park that is backed by the Guangdong provincial.

The park will have a sports field, outdoor performance space and arts and cultural centre.

Samoa pensions fund offers humanitarian help for Cancer patients

SNPF Chief Executive Officer, Pauli Prince Suhren said, “Terminal cancer patients can now withdraw their SNPF contributions.”

“The humanitarian assistance has conditions with cancer patients required to provide medical certification to confirm their conditions.

“SNPF will also conduct its own internal review but at the end of the day, it’s about providing crucial financial help for our terminally ill cancer patients.”

4 Savaii youth groups receive assistance from UN programme

Funding was provided by UN One Youth Employment Programme.

The groups produce handicrafts with recycled objects and build furniture from used tires.

Other initiatives are obtaining skills in repairing sewing machines and other activities aimed at increasing number of youth in the production process.


Photo by UNDP Samoa 


Samoan group to help former prisoners

More than 15 former prisoners from ages 40 to 75 have offered to help the Prisons Authority stop prisoners escaping, as well as to handle human rights complaints from inmates.

A founding member of the Gauigana'a society and former prisoner, Tofilau Faamanu Ivara, says between 60 and 70 percent of the inmates currently in jail are re-offenders.

Tautua asks government to assist victims of Flea Market disaster

"There is about $16 million tala of allocated budget for unforeseen expenditures, that’s about 3% of the government budget, this is exactly what these fundings are for," said leader Palusalue Faapo II.