Australia aid

New Apolima-Uta Learning Centre offers a safe hub for unemployed youth

The centre has become a reality through the support of Australia’s Direct Aid Programme, and contribution from the women’s committees, churches and the Apolima League of Employees.

The centre is a safe learning hub where unemployed youth in the community can learn basic literacy and numeracy skills that will help get them into the workforce.

Unemployment is a global problem, and committed community of Apolima-Uta has been commended for proactively finding ways to help the most vulnerable in their community.

Australia provides additional humanitarian support to Fiji

This contribution builds on earlier assistance which delivered lifesaving support to people across the country within 48 hours of the cyclone.

Survey of Australians' attitudes to aid yields mixed results

Researchers from the Australian National University surveyed Australians about their opinions of foreign aid and what they expect from their aid programme.

One of the authors, Terence Wood, says in a nutshell, the research found most Australians support the government giving aid, even though many don't actually know how much Australia gives or where.

However, he says the public is also fairly comfortable with the amount of money given being reduced - but not to the Pacific.