Caretaker Prime Minister

Samoa caretaker PM continues to defy Supreme Court

The judiciary is warning anyone who stands in the way of its ruling could face criminal penalties.

Tuila'epa's announcement last night also included a warning to the judiciary that it was over-reaching its powers by seeking to limit his own, reports the Samoa Observer.

The publication reported Tuila'epa saying that one arm of Government should not "like Hitler" seek to assert its authority over another.

Caretaker Prime Minister remains in office, political parties’ impasse deepens

A meeting held between the two political parties, the Faatuata i Le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (FAST) and the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) on Monday this week was a chance for the majority party to relay a message to their rivals to leave the building with a plan to walk into the Government building on Thursday.

But that did not go as planned.

FAST’s evacuation order as a majority was within a timeframe of 48 hours which was expected to end on Wednesday evening.