Climate Change

Pacific concern over US climate change stance

Colin Tukuitonga was speaking as the regional agency marked its year of operations.

The US is a founding member and a significant funder of programmes undertaken by the SPC, which include extensive climate change activities.

But the Trump administration is full of climate change deniers and the president has said it is a hoax perpetrated by China.

Climate change: Data shows 2016 likely to be warmest year yet

Data from Nasa and the UK Met Office shows temperatures were about 0.07 degrees Celsius above the 2015 mark.

Although the Met Office increase was within the margin of error, Nasa says that 2016 was the third year in a row to break the record.

The El Niño weather phenomenon played a role, say scientists, but the main factor was human emissions of CO2.

Renewed pleas for Trump to change climate change stance

Mr Trump, who is set to take office on Friday, dismissed climate change as a hoax during his election campaign and vowed to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

The foreign secretary of the Federated States of Micronesia, which is the current chair of the Pacific Islands Forum, reiterated his country's hopes that Mr Trump changes his view on climate change.

2016 officially the warmest year on record

The data are the first of the New Year to confirm many projections that 2016 will exceed 2015 as the warmest since reliable records began in the 19th century, it said in a report.

The Arctic was the region showing the sharpest rise in temperatures, while many other areas of the globe, including parts of Africa and Asia, also suffered unusual heat, it said.

A few parts of South America and Antarctica were cooler than normal.

UN chief warns of dire consequences if climate change commitments broken

Ban, who will step down as head of the U.N. after 10 years at the end of this month, described climate change as the single most pressing danger facing the world and called last year’s Paris agreement his “greatest achievement” in office. The agreement, which was reached in December 2015 in Paris, outlines an action plan to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial times.

Collaboration needed among Pacific countries to address climate change

The 19 year old spoke with Loop Samoa about her aspirations as a young leader for her country in pushing for better climate change resilience, and also promoting  effort in preserving and taking better care of their environment.

“Our Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA is a well grouped organization that seeks to protect and preserve American Samoa’s lands. Through various programs we have managed to help preserve some of our key areas by just basically adopting land and then making it our responsibility to look after them,” she said.

Savai’i resort operator concerned about climate change effects on tourism

According to Lu, he has not seen anything like this in his 30 years of operating the Vacations Beach Fales in Itu o Tane district.  

“It’s so strong and the tides continue to rise that we eventually had to find ways to fight the erosion,” said Lu.

“Climate Change affects our oceans and beaches strongly. So with the assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Samoa Tourism Authority we built this seawall. And since last year we’ve managed to keep our beaches,” he added.

Trump stance dooms battle over climate change: Bainimarama

Mr Trump said during his campaign he would pull out of the Paris climate accord although reports indicate he has softened his approach.

In a speech this morning in Suva, Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said without America the battle against climate change is doomed.

He told diplomats, NGOs and government officials Mr Trump must be persuaded to change his mind.

He said if the US does withdraw from the agreement there is no hope for the world to comprehensively tackle the issue.

Open letter demands climate action from NZ govt

An open letter signed by the likes of Sanford, the Warehouse, Z Energy, and Ernst & Young will be delivered to Parliament at midday today.

The letter has 60 signatories, reflecting a wide cross-section of New Zealand interests, including finance, transport, retail, fishing, tourism, hospitality, wine, conservation, science, beauty, medicine, health and religion.

The letter said businesses and people were already taking action to move to a low-carbon economy and the government needed to follow suit.

Confirmation of Fiji presidency of COP23 expected this week

At the current COP22 talks in the Moroccan capital, Marrakesh, Fiji put in a bid to co-chair the next climate change conference, COP23, and gained the support of the grouping of Small Island States, AOSIS, and Pacific island delegations.

Sylvie Goyet, a Pacific Community delegate at COP22, expected Fiji's nomination by the whole Asia Pacific group to be confirmed over the next few days.