Climate Change

Tuvalu MET Service working on a glossary of weather and climate terms in Tuvaluan

Acting Director of Tuvalu Meteorological Service, Tauala Katea told the Third Pacific Meteorological Council meeting the new glossary will have the English weather forecasting terms translated into Tuvaluan.

“The glossary will greatly assist the work of journalists who will deliver the weather information to the people in the islands,” said Mr.Katea.

Journalists in Tuvalu have been struggling with the translation of weather and climate terms into the vernacular language.

FSM, steps in place for tsunami threat

“Yes we still receive information from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) in Hawaii. However, the decision to declare a warning for tsunami is now our own responsibility,” says Eden Skilling, a Meteorological Officer from FSM.

When a tsunami threat is received from the PTWC, the FSM Meteorological Service, the national focal point for tsunami, will analyse and evaluate the information before it is sent to the Disaster Co-ordinator Office.

Plans to save Vanuatu from climate changes

 From Vanuatu Daily Post/PACNEWS