Mike Epps apologizes for kangaroo incident

Comedian and actor Mike Epps has been dealing with backlash in the wake of incorporating one into his Detroit show last Friday.

Epps, who is known for roles in various projects including "The Hangover," invited zoo owner and exotic animal handler Javon Stacks on stage with a kangaroo.

A video shows the comedian and the handler with the kangaroo, which is held upright. Epps tugs on the kangaroo's harness before the animal appears to throw his paw back toward the star. Epps then runs off the stage.

The Aboriginal stand-up comedians cracking up Australia

Melbourne's International Comedy Festival first held its Deadly Funny competition in 2007 and The Deadly Funnies have helped to sustain the genre.

More recently we've have TV shows like Black Comedy8MMM, and Comedy Up Late

As Trump steps into office, TV comedies will step up

But in a post-election world -- one that in a little over a week has seen protestshate crimes and complex emotions -- some people may look to their favorite television comedies for perspective on America's new political reality.

Anh Do: A portrait of Australia's 'happiest refugee'

As a young boy, Anh Do escaped war-torn Vietnam aboard an overcrowded fishing boat.

He has since built an impressive career in entertainment.

Now a fixture on the national stand-up scene and TV screens, two years ago he surprised the judges at Australia's most well-known art competition with an intense portrait of his once-estranged father.

The comedian's artistic streak - on show in a new TV series - earned him a finalist place in the Archibald Prize.

Samoa culture on big screen in 'Three Wise Cousins' comedy

The self-funded film Three Wise Cousins follows Adam, a 'fia-palagi', who turns to his two cousins in Samoa to teach him the ways of the islands, including how to climb a coconut tree and clear the land with a machete, in the hopes of impressing a girl.

At Auckland's Civic Theatre for the world premiere, the movie began on island time, and for the following 90 minutes, the audience overdosed on island humour.