Plant chemicals hope for 'alternative contraceptives'

Chemicals from dandelion root and the "thunder god vine" plant have long been used in traditional medicines.

Now, Californian researchers have found they can also block fertilisation.

A UK sperm expert said the discovery could lead to a new and novel approach to male contraception.

But the compounds existed at such low levels in plants that the cost of extraction was very high, the US team said.

'Stealthing' - what you need to know

It may not be a word you've heard before but there's a lot of discussion about it right now on social media.

It's being talked about because of a US report which found cases are on the rise.

Victims' charities say it must be treated as rape - and that it's a hugely under-reported problem.

The study by Alexandra Brodsky in Columbia Journal of Gender and Law says it is a growing issue.

It can save your life!

This was stressed earlier yesterday by Dr Sibauk Bieb, Public Health Manager from the National Department of Health.

He said in the fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS, prevention still remains the best option and referred the public back to the most basic method – using condom.

In its efforts to prevent the increase of HIV infections, the Health Ministry has made a stand to promote condoms throughout the country.