Conor McGregor

Man fakes his way to ringside

Ringside tickets to the Mayweather v McGregor fight went for up to $138,000, but a British bartender managed to upgrade his seat for free.

Oliver Regis bought a ticket to the weekend's super fight between UFC star Conor McGregor and unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. 

But when he got there, he wasn't happy with his seat and decided to take matters into his own hands.

McGregor's $138k bar tab

UFC superstar Conor McGregor racked up a bar tab of NZ$138,000 as he celebrated his boxing loss to Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor suffered a 10th round TKO in an absorbing battle with Mayweather in Las Vegas on Sunday.

But he might have had a bigger headache from the action after the bout.

He turned up to the official press conference with a bottle of Irish whiskey, and that was just the start of a long night.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Conor McGregor by TKO

McGregor, though, surprised many by going toe to toe with Mayweather until the 10th round.

"He's a lot better than I thought he was," Mayweather said after the bout.

Mayweather is the first boxer to reach 50 fights undefeated. After today’s win, he said this was the final fight of his career.

The only certainty of this fight was that it would be a spectacle not seen before.

White: McGregor will become the biggest star on earth

UFC superstar McGregor will make his boxing debut in Las Vegas after luring Mayweather out of retirement for the blockbuster event.

Given Mayweather's 49-0 record the American has been installed as strong favourite for the fight, but McGregor's odds have continued to come in as the bout draws closer.

And UFC boss White believes McGregor is going to shock the world by knocking out his illustrious opponent, and in turn make him the "greatest combat sports star ever".

"To think Conor can't beat Floyd Mayweather is quite something," White told BBC Sport.

$1.2m bet on Mayweather

That's the tale of the gambling market in the leadup to Sunday's super fight between UFC star McGregor and unbeaten boxer Mayweather in Las Vegas.

The two go at each other in a boxing contest, taking cocky Irishman McGregor out of his comfort zone.

ESPN Boxing has done the rounds of the Vegas sports betting agencies and come up with some interesting figures for what the punters think will unfold in a fight of such intrigue.

Smaller gloves approved

Nevada boxing regulators on Wednesday (Thursday NZ time) gave the two fighters an exemption to a rule requiring 10-ounce gloves for fights at 154 pounds (69.8kg), approving eight-ounce gloves for the August 26 bout. Representatives of both fighters appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to request the waiver.

Commissioners also approved veteran referee Robert Byrd as the third man in the ring for the fight.

McGregor can win, says Holmes

UFC fighter McGregor enters a boxing ring for the first time to take on the unbeaten Mayweather on August 26.

Few in boxing circles are giving the rugged Irishman much hope.

But Holmes, a former world heavyweight champion who keeps a keen eye on the game, feels McGregor has a real chance if he can fight intelligently.

"Don't sell McGregor short, he doesn't have to do too much to win," Holmes told the Bald Faced Truth radio show in the United States.

Canelo would fight McGregor

Mexican star Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez – preparing to step into the ring with Gennady Golovkin – said he might be willing to fight McGregor, but only if he is able to beat Mayweather on August 26.

"If that miracle was to happen, then we have a conversation," Alvarez told Fansided.

"If that miracle were to happen, but I doubt it very much that Conor beats Floyd."

Alvarez would know a thing or two about trying to beat Mayweather. The only time he has lost in his 51 career matches was against the undefeated American in September 2013.

Mayweather glove change agreed


Mayweather has decided he wants to wear eight ounce gloves instead of the normal 10 ounces according to a post on his Instagram account.

 It is an interesting move from the US fighter, which has created plenty of interest, with Mayweather and McGregor fighting at 154 pounds, with regulations stating that 8-ounce gloves cannot be used in bouts contested at more than 147 pounds.

Tyson : McGregor is going to get killed fighting Mayweather

UFC champion McGregor will step out of the octagon and into the ring to fight unbeaten boxer Mayweather in Las Vegas on August 26.

Many have weighed in on who will win the hyped fight and now Tyson has voiced his opinion as Mayweather puts his perfect 49-0 record on the line against the unproven Irishman.

"McGregor is going to get killed boxing," Tyson told Barstool Sports on Monday. "Boxing? I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that's what it's all about: Can the boxer beat the MMA guy?"