Cyber security

Samoa and NZ cyber security agencies sign agreement to enhance collaborative cyber security efforts

The Framework of Cooperation agreement allows for knowledge sharing and understanding of cyber security issues between the Samoan and Aotearoa New Zealand governments’ cyber security agencies, SamCERT and CERT NZ.

Pacific partners, Government of Samoa and Aotearoa New Zealand, have areas of common interest which the Framework of Cooperation has been focused on.

The two agencies will support each other through:

Russia detains cyber-security tycoon Ilya Sachkov in treason case

A court in Moscow said it had ordered that 35-year-old Ilya Sachkov be held in custody for two months, but did not provide further details on the charges.

An unnamed security source told state news agency Tass that Mr Sachkov had denied passing on secret information to foreign intelligence services.

Mr Sachkov has previously been awarded by the Russian president for his work.

His company, Group-IB, specialises in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks and has a global client base that includes the international police agency Interpol.

Health to be on cyber-security's front line in 2021

Threats from nation states and criminals to the health system are a growing concern.

The huge logistical challenge of rolling out vaccines faces the risk of disruption to complex supply chains.

And criminal ransomware poses a threat at a time when the pandemic has increased our reliance on technology.

The distribution of the various coronavirus vaccines may bring relief, but it also brings with it a major challenge: many of those involved have not had to think hard about security in the past.

Cyber security: Experts warn on rise of hacker ransoms

Ransomware, which makes devices unusable until their owners pay to unlock them, has become increasingly prevalent in the past year, they say.

Devices holding photos, emails and fitness information could be targeted.

The risk to business is "significant and growing", the National Crime Agency and National Cyber Security Centre say.

The joint report from the NCA and the NCSC says cyber crime is becoming more aggressive.

More devices connecting to the internet meant opportunities for criminals, the report said.

Security firms 'overstate hackers' abilities to boost sales'

Dr Ian Levy, technical director of the UK's National Cyber Security Centre, made the accusation in a speech.

He said the firms played up hackers' abilities to help them sell security hardware and services.

Overplaying hackers' skills let the firms claim only they could defeat attackers, a practice he likened to "witchcraft".

In a keynote speech at the Usenix Enigma security conference, Dr Levy said it was dangerous to listen only to firms that made a living from cybersecurity.

Obama presses Trump on cybersecurity

The 100-page document highlights areas where the US falls short and calls on the private sector to help hasten the improvement of digital services.

President Barack Obama set up the commission in preparation for the new administration.

He said its recommendations should be followed within the first 100 days of Mr Trump's presidency.

Meet the woman powering the fight against Cybercrime

It hasn’t always been easy in her journey, however: Moskites overcame the impact of receiving some astonishingly poor management treatment at the beginning of her career, turning it into a massive motivation to rise to these senior positions.

Now, as CISO of Venafi, Moskites oversees the development of systems that help organizations learn more about who they can and cannot trust in online environments.