Cyclone Fehi

Cyclone Fehi fizzles out off of New Caledonia

Forecasters at the Fiji Meteorological Service say Fehi ceased being a cyclone around midday yesterday.

The low pressure system however continues to bring bad weather to parts of Melanesia with heavy rain still affecting parts of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

Regional disaster authorities have been urging people to take heed of weather warnings and make sure they have all the necessary safety equipment if they are heading out to sea.


Fehi first cyclone of the season

According to Fiji's Met Service, Fehi is moving in a south-southeast direction.

The category one cyclone is not expected to intensify before it moves south out of the tropics.

People in the northern half of New Caledonia's main island are still being advised to follow alerts and be prepared.



Category 1 cyclone off New Caledonia

According to the New Zealand Met Service, Fehi is moving in a south-southeast direction and is expected to pass to the west of New Caledonia.

It is currently a category one cyclone, according to the Service, is not expected to intensify.

New Caledonia's met service describes the system as a weak low.

It said, however, people in the northern half of the main island and those along the east coast will get up to 200mm of rain and experience gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour.