Cyclone Gabrielle

“A real tragedy”: Hawke’s Bay Pacific leader describes aftermath of Cyclone Garbielle

At least five people have died in Hawke’s Bay, including a child. As of today the government estimates 10,500 people have been displaced and 1442 are uncontactable in the region.

Tagata Pasifika reports Napier is expected to have no power for at least two weeks and the communication line is not fully restored. 

However, emergency power has been provided at a medical centre where community leader, Tofilau Talalelei Taufale is able to provide an update on the situation. 

Rescued worker stranded for hours on roof as floodwaters rise

Fola Samoa supervises a group of 12 men who work at a Johnny Appleseed orchard in Pakowhai.

He said they were eating breakfast when they realised how bad the flooding had become.

"One of the men, came to me and said 'boss, there's a river come through to our house'," Fola said.

"I walked through to the front door and I was shocked, because our driveway was like a, like a river."

Samoa said it was "like a tsunami" - and reminded them of the devastating tsunami that wreaked havoc in Samoa in 2009.

Flood-hit Aucklanders prepare for Cyclone Gabrielle

RNZ reports Cyclone Gabrielle is likely to hit Northland on Sunday before heading towards Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula - which could both get a month's worth of rain in a day.

Auckland's state of emergency has been extended ahead of the forecast extreme weather.