Samoa govt considers delaying some repatriation flights

"This request came in after the Cabinet meeting and so we are moving to circulate a confirmation paper so we can move on this matter," Fiame said.

The Chairman of the Emergency Committee, Agafili Shem Leo, told a media conference that quarantine sights are getting congested, and with the quarantine period increasing to 21 days, there is a need to slow down the frequency of repatriation flights.

The sudden addition of 70 people to quarantine after a man escaped from quarantine on Tuesday this week is also causing some issues in accommodating them.

Cyclone Gita forecasts delivered late - broadcaster says

Broadcasters in the territory normally get forecasts directly from the National Weather Service.

However, the protocol changes once the Emergency Operations Centre is activated, with all forecasts issued to radio and television stations from the centre.

Southseas Broadcasting general manager Joey Cummings said Gita forecasts issued in the morning often did not reach his station until the afternoon.