Auckland's Samoan diaspora donates to Samoa’s measles recovery and relief fund

The funds were delivered to the Office of the Consul General Faolotoi Reupena Pogi and later transferred to the Government Accounts for Measles.

The Government has acknowledged with gratitude and appreciation the donations presented as well as the support through the conduct of a Measles prayer service at the Fale o Samoa.

Donations as follows:

Methodist Church of Samoa steps up to eradicate measles

The donations of $107,362.33; 100 hospital beds; 200 pillows; 200 pillow cases; 200 bed sheets and 200 bathing towels was presented Monday morning by the Church President, Susuga Faulalo Leti Paaga to the Minister of Health, Faimalotoa Kika Stowers.

“The Government can only say thank you very much to the Methodist Church for this huge donation,” said Faimalotoa.

“The Church has made multiple donations to Government especially for the Ministry of Health and we are grateful.