Economic impact

Shanghai lockdown: Economy shaken by zero-Covid measures

But in recent days the usually bustling financial centre has been stopped in its tracks after a spike in coronavirus cases.

With little notice, officials imposed two staggered waves of lockdowns on the city's more than 26m residents. The eastern side of Shanghai has just been through four days of tight restrictions. The western part began its four-day isolation on 1 April.

The latest round of quarantining is China's largest since the coronavirus outbreak was first identified in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

Amoa Resort takes Covid-19 precautionary measures to the next level

Amoa Resort Manager, Elizabeth Siaosi said they initially purchased thermometers to check temperatures, masks, hand sanitisers, computer hardware and other items to respond to the virus.

On arrival at the resort, staff check visitors’ temperature and vaccination card.

“Prior to Covid there was measles and our response is a human response and first is to protect our staff and guests and since measles we’ve all had masks and hand sanitizers and gloves and we feel that people who are travelling they want to see the same mirrored back to them,” Siaosi said.