Jacinda Ardern to resign as prime minister in February

She has also announced the 2023 election will be on October 14.

Ardern said she is entering her sixth year in office and it has been a challenging role. 

You cannot and should not do the role unless you have a full tank, she says. She said she hoped over summer she would be able to prepare for another term, but she has not been able to do that.

Newshub reports the Prime Minister said her term has seen a major biosecuity incursion, a terror attack, a natural disaster, a global pandemic and an economic crisis.

Mark Brown confirmed as Cook Islands Prime Minister

In a statement issued from Mark Brown's office Sir Tom Marsters said he was "satisfied" that Mark Brown had the majority of the MPs elected to Parliament.

Following the final count of the Cook Islands general elections, the Cook Islands Party (CIP) gained 12 seats including the Ngatangiia seat which was initially tied between CIP's candidate Sonny Williams and Cook Islands United Party's Margaret Matenga.

Mark Brown thanked the community for a fair and peaceful election process.

James Marape returns as Papua New Guinea prime minister

Marape returns to the top job after turbulent general elections marred by claims of election fraud, widespread violence, deaths, and major damage to infrastructure across the country.

Marape, whose Pangu Party has won at least 36 of 118 seats, is set to lead a coalition government made up of at least 17 different parties.

So far 105 seats have been confirmed and votes continued to be counted for 13 seats.

Israel set to get new PM and hold fifth election in less than four years

Mr Lapid, the leader of the centrist Yesh Atid party and foreign minister, will take over from Naftali Bennett under an existing power-sharing deal.

They formed an unlikely eight-party coalition after last year's election.

However it collapsed last week, clearing the way for fresh polls.

It also creates an opening for Israel's longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to return to office despite being on trial on corruption charges which he denies.

Samoa Commission of Inquiry into electoral matters continues

TV1Samoa reports more than 20 people attended the first session raising issues from cleaning up rolls, voter eligibility, and candidates' qualifications.

One woman said village councils should be used to ensure registered voters live within electorate boundaries.

A male elector suggested adding a third seat as more people move into various districts.

One commissioner Tupuola Koki Tuala said it's a challenge for the office to locate those on the roll, and that cleaning up the national roll will address such issues.

Australian election 2022: Millions vote for next leader

It sees Prime Minister Scott Morrison go up against one of the country's longest serving politicians, Labor Leader Anthony Albanese.

The rising cost of living and climate change have shaped up as two key issues for voters.

But the election has largely been framed as a referendum on the leaders' characters.

Opinion polls suggest Labor will win by a narrow majority this time around. However, the polls were wildly inaccurate in the last election.

Pre-polling has begun in Samoa for six by-elections

Seven by-elections had been planned, but the Savai'i's only by-election was decided on Monday, when the Supreme Court disqualified one of two registered candidates in the Falealupo electoral constituency, handing the FAST Party the Falealupo seat, unopposed.

In a special programme posted on social media, Electoral Commissioner Faimalomatumua Mathew Lemisio confirmed that Fuiono Tenina Chrichton will be the unopposed member for the Falealupo seat.

Samoa court reserves decision in seat challenge

Yesterday, the court heard the appeal from the Electoral Commissioner and HRPP candidate Aliimalemanu Alofa Tuuau on Article 44 of the Constitution that requires an additional women's seat if elected women do not make up 10 percent of parliament.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that the five elected women members met the requirements under Article 44 but the appellants contend there should be a sixth seat to meet the required 10 percent.

That ruling gave the FAST party a majority.

Samoa to head to the polls again on 21 May

The announcement was made after a meeting with the leaders of the caretaker Human Rights Protection Party and the newcomer Faatuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi FAST party today.

Both parties have been tied with 26 seats each since last month's general election. 

In his address this evening, the Head of State said leaders of both parties are aware of his decision.

He said it is in the best interest of Samoa that fresh elections be held to allow our people a second opportunity to elect the 17th parliament.

Samoa Election 2021 – Opinion by Nanai Anae Dr Iati Iati

It has been a while, and it has been even longer since a different political party was in government. Nanai Anae Dr Iati Iati offered his insights to the Pacific Cooperation Foundation into the mood of the nation, the most pressing issues facing the nation, who might win, and whether the nation is ready for change.

The Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) has been in power since 1982, apart from a brief respite in the late 1980s, when a coalition government (led by a breakaway group of HRPP members) held office.