Electric cars

UN explores use of electric transport in Samoa

The project, funded by Japan, began in June with a visit from renewable energy experts of the UN Information and Technology Management Department.

This team of experts provides technical support for electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, and outboard motors.

The visit looked into the EV fleet and charging infrastructure the Electric Power Corporation deployed; and discussed connecting additional charging stations to the power grid.

Meanwhile, Japan has donated small trucks to help Samoa's recycling programme.

Two killed as Nio electric car falls from third floor office in Shanghai

One member of staff and a person from a partner company died in the crash.

The incident took place on Wednesday at about 17:20 local time, the firm said. The people who died were inside the vehicle as it fell from the building.

Nio says it immediately started an investigation into the incident in co-operation with government officials.

The third storey area from where the car fell has been variously described as a showroom, a testing facility or a car park.

Samoans could soon be building electric motorcycle

Peeq Samoa recently set up the country's first call centre utilising the country's Tui Samoa submarine cable, and it is keen to set up a manufacturing unit too.

The company's executive trustee, Graham Liao, told the Samoa Observer the company was currently in negotiations with government to set up the factory.

He said the company was looking to open the manufacturing plant at the building that once housed Samoa's biggest private employer, Yazaki Samoa.

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW join forces on electric cars

 The car giants said they would work together to develop electric motors, transmissions and power electronics.

Both firms have struggled to maintain profit margins amid falling car sales and higher costs as well as the need to invest in future technologies.

Car firms are being forced to make low emission vehicles to meet more stringent anti-pollution rules.

There have been a number of similar tie-ups aimed at sharing the costs of developing electric cars.

Electric cars set to get road priority in clean air zones

The government's planned clean air zones are intended to encourage drivers to choose less-polluting electric cars.

Proposed for five English cities by 2020, the clean air zones will also introduce restrictions on older, polluting commercial vehicles.

But AA president Edmund King said drivers would be "baffled" by separate rules for electric cars.


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