Fiji Opposition

Fiji opposition leaders question integrity of election

This comes after provisional results, displayed on a Fiji Election Office app, showing a clear lead for the opposition People's Alliance Party, over the ruling Fiji First Party were stopped due to an upload error that the electoral office said redistributed the allocation of votes displayed in the app.

The app was taken offline for several hours and then restarted in the early hours of Thursday morning showing an almost unassailable lead for the ruling Fiji First Party over all other parties.

Fiji opposition leader Rabuka says court’s election petition decision 'deeply disappointing'

SODELPA, with the National Federation Party, had presented the petition, challenging aspects of the election process.

They planned to call eight witnesses but the court approved only two.

The parties then withdrew the petition.

Mr Rabuka said it was a decision not taken lightly.

He said the parties believed all eight witnesses were crucial to establishing the grounds for the petition.



Fiji opposition says govt evading being served with legal papers

SODELPA and the National Federation Party had 24 hours to serve all FijiFirst MPs with the legal papers as part of their action disputing last month's election results.

SODELPA MP Lynda Tabuya said bailiffs had been trying to serve the papers on the MPs at the office of the Attorney General but had not been allowed in.

She said some of the MPs had spent the night in the offices and food had been supplied throughout the day.