Steve Irwin posthumously honoured with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Irwin rose to international fame in 1996 with his documentary series, The Crocodile Hunter.

He was a highly respected conservationist and world-renowned television personality who was the face behind Australia Zoo, one of Queensland's most iconic tourist destinations.

The adventurous wildlife warrior died while making the documentary, Ocean's Deadliest, after being stabbed in the chest by a stingray barb during underwater filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

Parenting expert sues Disney and Pixar over Inside Out movie

Denise Daniels said the animated film, featuring colour-coded characters representing individual human emotions, mirrors a children's program called The Moodsters hat she conceived and pitched to Disney every year from 2005 to 2009.

In a complaint filed in the Los Angeles federal court, Ms Daniels said she had an 'implied-in-fact' contract with Disney requiring that she be paid from box office, DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes and merchandise revenue from Inside Out.

The film has grossed more than $US850 million worldwide since its June 2015 release.

Rebel Wilson failed to prove articles cost her roles, publisher says

Wilson is seeking $7 million after she successfully sued the publisher over eight articles she said portrayed her as a serial liar, as part of what she called a "malicious, deliberate take-down".

Wilson's lawyer, Matthew Collins QC, yesterday told the court that Wilson could have made up to $18 million from a number of film roles if the articles had not damaged her career.

But Bauer Media's lawyer, Georgina Schoff, said Wilson "has not proved that the publications were the cause of the alleged loss".

She said the articles had not been published in the US.

How Stephen Curry went from The Castle to serial killer

Maybe a robber, he thought, or a shonky man who occasionally sold VHS players from the back of his car.

So when a casting agent was writing down a list of names for a new Australian thriller, Hounds of Love, she tacked his on the end.

"Director Ben Young looked at it and went, 'Ah OK'. I think he thought it was a typo or something," Curry told News Breakfast.

At first glance you can imagine why.

Anatomy of a Disney musical: Composer reveals process of creating iconic songs

The acclaimed composer and songwriter is the hidden face behind some of Disney's most iconic musicals, including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

His body of work has earned him eight Oscars and 16 Golden Globes, and he's not done yet.

Mr Menken is currently in Australia for the premiere of the stage musical of Aladdin and will head home soon to work on the upcoming live action film version of the story.

So how does he create a Disney song? And what is the process for bringing a fledgling idea all the way to the big screen?

Heath Ledger documentary to detail actor's passions and struggles

I Am Heath Ledger will showcase never-before seen home footage of the actor, providing a rare look into his personal life and his passion for film.

"There were always cameras around, a video camera, a polaroid camera or the film camera. That's the only way I think of him," model Christina Cauchi said in the trailer.

The documentary is the latest instalment in director Derik Murray's I Am series, which explores the lives of other iconic figures in film, music and the media.

Murray's other subjects have included Bruce Lee, Evel Knievel and Steve McQueen.

Ian McKellen reveals why he didn't play Dumbledore

Some even probably thought it was him.

But renowned actor Sir Ian McKellen has revealed he turned down the role of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series because the original actor, Sir Richard Harris, did not approve of him.

Speaking on BBC HARDtalk, the British actor who famously played the white wizard Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings franchise and villain Magneto in the X-Men films, said the late Sir Richard was not critical of his acting skills, but believed he lacked passion for the art.

Did Jackie Chan really go to school in Canberra?

The actor's parents used to work at the United States Embassy in Yarralumla and there's even a science centre in his name at the Australian National University.

But did the superstar attend school in Canberra before he went on to bigger things?

That's the question high school teacher Luke Coleman asked Curious Canberra to investigate.

"When I ask around, everyone assures me that's the case but it just seems really left field," he said.

Golden Globes bartender Oscar Zuleta a favourite with the stars

As the long-time bartender in the show's off-camera green room, Oscar Zuleta has toasted with Sean Connery, gotten a head rub from Tom Hanks and shared a selfie with Jessica Alba.

The 48-year-old Beverly Hilton Hotel staffer keeps the drinks flowing at the awards circuit's booziest gathering.

"A lot of people know me for that — 'you are the only Oscar at the Golden Globes'," Mr Zuleta said.

"I know many of the presenters for years now — wonderful people and I get to see them every year and they happen to remember me, luckily."