Francois Hollande

French president calls for an 'Islam of France'

Addressing the debate surrounding Islam following a summer of terror attacks and burkini bans, he stressed that French secularism was not at odds with the religion.

"Nothing in the idea of secularism is opposed to the practice of Islam in France, as long -- and that is the vital point -- as it complies with the law," Hollande said in Paris, stressing that secularism was "not a religion of the state that stands against all other religions."

"What we need to succeed in together is the creation of an Islam of France," Hollande said.

Path of destruction

The president of the Nice region, Christian Estrosi, said the truck was loaded with weapons and grenades, and the driver had opened fire on the crowd.

"An individual drove a truck into the crowd. He was killed by police," said interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet.

A photograph showed the front of the truck riddled with bullet holes, and badly damaged with burst tyres.


Hollande may visit Tahiti next month

The French Polynesian president, Edouard Fritch, says for the time being February 22 and 23 have been earmarked for the visit.

He says more will be known once the French High Commissioner returns from his visit to Paris.

Hollande tells Pacific about COP21 hopes

Addressing a summit with Pacific leaders in Paris, Hollande said the accord should try to meet the target of less than two degree temperature rise by the end of the century.

The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, told the meeting that, "a maximum should be two degrees, 1.5 degrees."

Egypt buys 2 warships from France, 2nd big military purchase

The assault ships, which can each carry 16 helicopter gunships, 700 troops and up to 50 armored vehicles, were originally intended for Russia. France continued building to Russia's specifications — including stenciling Cyrillic writing throughout the vessels — until the deal finally fell apart because of the Ukraine crisis. It was originally supposed to be the biggest arms sale ever by a NATO country to Russia.

France to conduct airstrikes in Syria

France made its first reconnaissance flights over Syria last week in order to plan a potential air operation.

Hollande confirmed that airstrikes "will be necessary in Syria," in a news conference on Monday in Paris. He didn't say when the operation will start.

Until now, France has only conducted airstrikes in Iraq as a member of the U.S.-led coalition, fearing that hitting at IS in Syria would ultimately help the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.


Americans, Briton who thwarted attack get France's top honor

The train was carrying 500 passengers to Paris.

President Francois Hollande said that while two of the Americans who tackled the gunman were soldiers, "on Friday you were simply passengers. You behaved as soldiers but also as responsible men."

SPC gets a new director courtesy of France


The appointment of Sylvie Goyet to the position comes after a commitment by the French President Francois Hollande during a High-level Dialogue on Climate Change in New Caledonia last year.

That Dialogue at the SPC brought together Pacific leaders among more than 150 representatives of Pacific Community member countries and territories, alongside development partners.

It underscored France's determination to help Pacific countries and communities adapt to climate change.

Abducted, Yemen, France, Isabelle Prime, Kidnapped, Francois Hollande

Isabelle Prime, 31, had been working in Yemen for the World Bank for about a year when she was kidnapped.

Smiling and wearing a blue cap and sunglasses, Prime stepped out of a French government jet around 1710 GMT and was met by French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, as well as several friends and family members.