French Polynesia

400kgs of cocaine seized on yacht in French Polynesia

The French High Commission says the yacht was intercepted by the frigate Prairial about 1,500 kilometres off Tahiti.

It says two men, whose nationality was not given, were detained and will be taken to Papeete where they are expected to be tried.

RNZ reports a customs official said the two tried to sink the yacht to avoid being checked.

The yacht had reportedly sailed from South America.

In February, about 680 kilograms fo cocaine was seized on a yacht in French Polynesia.


Photo file: French navy  frigate Prairial

Senate votes to improve French Polynesia nuclear testing compo

The senators approved an amendment to the 2010 compensation law by loosening the criteria for claims to be accepted.

It also opens other criteria, such as insufficient supervisory measures, where claims for compensation can be made against the state.

Finally, it provides that the nuclear compensation committee can re-examine applications that have already been amended.

The 2010 compensation law has been widely criticised because of 1,000 claims made, only 20 people have ever received compensation.

French Pacific minors face new travel restrictions

The measure is reportedly aimed at curbing travel to recruitment areas of Middle Eastern extremists.

Minors now need a completed form as well as a photo copy of one of their parents' identity cards.

According to media reports, this means that minors travelling between France and French Polynesia and New Caledonia need the authorisation even if they only transit via Los Angeles or Tokyo.

Photo: AFP Air Calin planes at Tontouta Airport in New Caledonia 

Vitamin D supplement stopped in French Pacific

The decision follows the death of a 10-day old infant in France.

Uvesterol D was developed by the Crinex laboratory and is used against vitamin D deficiencies in children up to five years old.

The authorities say the concern is about how the supplement was being administered and not the substance itself.

Parents are advised to seek medical advice on what type of supplement to choose.

Fillon's success in France alarms Tahiti's leader

RNZ reports in France and many overseas territories, Mr Fillon won a resounding victory in last weekend's run-off against Alain Juppé, but in French Polynesia Mr Juppé was the winner, backed by Mr Fritch and his party.

Mr Fritch told local television that discussions are needed between his government and Mr Fillon, who has proposed big cuts to the public sector.

French Polynesia's Fritch gets chiefly title in Samoa

RNZI reports Toamua was the village of the late Aggie Grey.

The traditional ceremony was attended by Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, and members of Aggie Grey's family.

French Polynesia clarifies insecticide use over zika

Thousands of malformed babies have been born in Brazil in areas hit by the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

In Tahiti, the authorities say that - like in other French overseas territories - they have for decades used deltamethrin to fight mosquitoes and not pyriproxyfen as in South America.

Final appeal from Tahiti for Forum membership

He was speaking in Port Moresby on the eve of the Forum leaders' leaders session which is due to discuss the issue.

French Polynesia is an associate member of the Forum and its bid for membership is being considered by the group.

Mr Fritch says as a man of the Pacific he is deeply linked to the region's values and the French territory always acted in solidarity with its Pacific neighbours as the islands share the same DNA.

He said it was time for full membership after the territory's ten years' listening and learning as an observer and associate at the Forum.

French Polynesia's Fritch to set up political party

This follows moves this week to expel him from Gaston Flosse's Tahoeraa Huiraatira party.

Mr Fritch says he wants to build a new political family and his 35 year membership of Tahoeraa was finished.

Relations between Mr Fritch and the 84 year old former president have been steadily worsening since Mr Fritch replaced the convicted Flosse as the territory's president a year ago.

This is despite Flosse having repeatedly designated Mr Fritch, who is his former son-in-law, as his successor.