China's Tencent introduces facial scanning to crack down on children gaming all night

In 2019, China passed official guidelines with a view to stopping minors playing too much games while also requiring gamers to register accounts with their official IDs.

Sixth Tone, a state-owned media outlet aimed at those outside the country, reported the moves come after teenagers stole money to top up their accounts and concerns were raised over the physical and mental wellbeing of young gamers.

The biggest e-sports event in the world

It's the biggest event of its kind in the world with a prize pool of nearly $24m (£18.4m) and is hosted by Valve.

Sixteen teams, with players from all over the world, are competing in the season climax for online battle arena game Dota 2.

For many of them the prestige of lifting the trophy at this ultra-competitive event is far more important than the cash.

Alex "machine" Richardson is Dota 2's answer to Gary Lineker and has been hosting the live stream of the group stages, which are taking place in Seattle.

The women challenging sexism in e-sports

Two of the top female gamers talk to the BBC about how they are fighting discrimination and encouraging other women to play.

On Monday the e-sports industry awards take place in London to applaud the top players in the business but not one female player has been nominated.

Oliver Heldens: Game soundtracks are 'huge' for musicians

The music video for the DJ's latest song, Good Life, is a collaboration with Ubisoft to mark the release of their action-adventure game Watch Dogs 2.

"Gaming is huge, its definitely a good way to reach new fans," he told Newsbeat.

"I make music for myself but having it on a really big game can get to people who would never hear my music."

The partnership came about when Ubisoft approached Oliver's record label looking for a track to feature in the game.