Here's why you should keep spiders and insects onside

Sarah Bonney, a PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University and organiser of the Darwin Insect Festival, said most people gave insects and invertebrates a bad rap.

"Insects actually play a very big role in our world," she said.

"Without them we wouldn't have a lot of food, they keep our soil healthy, and they basically keep the world turning."

But as well as doing their bit for the environment, beetles, bugs and other invertebrates can also work for us.

Urban foraging: Nutritious weeds growing in your backyard

Dandelions, plantain and cat's ear are three of the most common edible weeds growing in gardens and street verges across Canberra.

Urban forager Sarah Aylott told ABC Radio Canberra's Lish Fejer that these plants come from a long list of edible and highly nutritious weeds.

"Dandelion is the wild ancestor from which we cultivated broccolini, kale, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi," Ms Aylott said.