Greece migrants

Greece migrants: Hundreds feared missing as boat sinks

But Greek officials and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) say that hundreds more migrants may have been on board.

The shipwreck is the deadliest off Greece this year.

The boat went down about 50 miles (80 km) south-west of Pylos after the coastguard said it had refused help.

The coastguard said the boat had been spotted in international waters late on Tuesday by an aircraft belonging to EU border agency Frontex. No-one on board was wearing life jackets, it added.

Greece migrants: Sun-powered phone charger gives refugees free electricity

But access to electricity can be hard to find in overcrowded camps, nor is it always free in cafes where young and old crowd together over a socket, waiting anxiously to phone home.

A team of students from Edinburgh University is hoping to change that, having designed a mobile phone charging station powered only by the sun — something Greece has plenty of.

The students have installed two units in camps, each configured to generate electricity for 12 plugs an hour using solar energy alone, providing free power to as many as 240 people per unit each day.