Hughie Fury

Deontay Wilder claims Hughie Fury beat Joseph Parker

Parker defended his WBO world heavyweight title against Hughie Fury in Manchester on September 24, getting a controversial majority points decision 114-114, 118-110, 118-110.

The Fury camp has been up in arms about the decision, appealing to the British Boxing Board of Control who handled the fight for the WBO, and pleading for a rematch.

The Parker camp, backed by many pundits, believe their man won comfortably, though admitted the scoring by two judges who handed 10 of the 12 rounds to the Kiwi were a little generous.READ MORE:

Fury urged to dump trainer dad

That was the brutal but honest assessment from specialist boxing site BoxingNews24 on Thursday as Parker's majority points win over Fury in Manchester last weekend continues to be debated.

Writer Scott Gilfoid said the fight was "an easy one to pick a winner" and, like two of the judges who scored it 118-110, he felt Parker won 10 of the 12 rounds and” was the only one trying to fight".

Parker targets KO bout next

That's a basic summation of what's in store, with the Kiwi heavyweight's handlers eager to see him fight again in December and get his knockout style back on track.

After a frustrating but successful defence of the WBO world heavyweight title against Fury, they want to put an opponent in front of Parker who suits his style.

That's their prerogative now they are free of the mandatory situation and can make a voluntary defence on their own terms.

Parker's win 'pretty damn good'

Trainer Kevin Barry labelled Joseph Parker's UK debut "a pretty damn good win" and a result that will help set up the Kiwi heavyweight's future.

Parker retained his WBO world heavyweight title with a majority points decision over Hughie Fury in the Manchester Arena on Sunday.

While the Fury camp reacted angrily at the outcome, Barry had no doubts about the result and had plenty of praise for his 25-year-old fighter who got was scored 114-114, 118-110, 118-110 by a panel of American and British judges.

Tyson Fury rages at defeat

Parker's majority decision over Hughie Fury in Manchester on Sunday sparked an angry reaction from the Fury camp with Hughie Fury's manager, Mick Hennessy, claiming he intended to appeal, alleging the decision was "corruption at the highest level in boxing".

The Daily Express newspaper reported Tyson Fury jumped over the ropes expecting the decision - and the WBO heavyweight title - to go to his cousin.

Parker holds onto WBO belt

Parker has scored a majority points decision over Briton Hughie Fury in their 12 round title fight in Manchester.

Two judges had Parker winning 118-110, while the third had it 114-all.

All of the rounds were even with Parker unable to land the knockout blow while Fury spent the fight on the back foot to keep out of trouble.

He did however stay in contention with his job.

The judges would have favoured Parker's aggression, while Fury spent most of his time in defence.

Fury taunts Parker over pay

Speaking after he lost his cool and shoved Parker at the weigh-in for Saturday's (Sunday NZ time) showdown in Manchester, Fury put the exchange down to "a bit of adrenaline kicking in".

With Parker repeatedly calling him "little boy" during the traditional stare down, in reference to the 10kg in weight Fury is giving away, and urged on by local supporters, the Englishman eventually cracked and got physical.

Joseph Parker and Hughie Fury tussle at the weigh-in ahead of their heavyweight title fight.

'Little boy' Fury shoves Parker

Fury started with the lip stuff but Parker gave back better than he got and Fury finally snapped, shoving the Kiwi back. The champion just smiled as chaos broke out around him. Fury's handlers pounced on two of Parker's team as they moved in to make sure their man was safe.

Parker had every right to label Fury "little" as he takes a 10kg weight advantage into the title fight at the Manchester Arena on Saturday (Sunday NZ Time). Parker, looking solid, weighed in at 112kg with Fury, lacking the muscle definition to match the champion, was only 102kg.

Joseph Parker is tired of talking and is itching for action.

Looking sharp in a suit and tie as he sat in front of a large gathering of international media in a plush function room at the famous Old Trafford football ground, Parker kept it short and to the point, just like he wants his fight to be.

"What can I say, all the talk's been done. It's time to get in the ring and do my thing," the 25-year-old said when asked for his final thoughts on the fight.
"I feel ready, prepared ... I feel powerful.

"He wants to knock me out, I want to knock him out.

Referee change for Parker-Fury

The original appointment had been a hot issue with Parker promoter David Higgins given O'Connor had controlled opponent Hughie Fury's last two fights and also had history with Fury's cousin Tyson, the former world heavyweight champion.