Floods, mudslides kill dozens in Peru after unusually heavy rainfalls

Stunned residents watched and filmed on mobile phone cameras as Evangelina Chamorro escaped after being swept into an avalanche of mud, wood debris and farm animals, about 53 kilometres south of downtown Lima.

Ms Chamorro, 32, had just dropped her two daughters at school and was feeding her pigs alongside her husband when they were pulled into a landslide.

Armando Rivera, Ms Chamorro's husband, told RPP radio they climbed a tree but the trunk broke.

They held on to each other's hands but Ms Chamorro eventually lost her grip and got separated.


VIDEO: Military display marks independence anniversary

Thousands of local residents braved chilly conditions to line the coast and watch Sunday's display by units from Peru's army, navy and air-force.

This was a first time such a military display was held as part of independence celebrations.