Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China

It comes after the career-networking site faced questions for blocking the profiles of some journalists.

LinkedIn will launch a jobs-only version of the site, called InJobs, later this year.

But this will not include a social feed or the ability to share or post articles.

LinkedIn senior vice-president Mohak Shroff blogged: "We're facing a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China."

LinkedIn blocked by Russian authorities

Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor said LinkedIn would be unavailable in the country within 24 hours.

Some internet providers have already cut access to the site, which has more than six million members in Russia.

LinkedIn told the BBC it hoped to meet Roskomnadzor to discuss the block.

In 2014, Russia introduced legislation requiring social networks to store the personal data of Russian citizens on Russian web servers.

It is the first time the law has been enforced against a US-based social network.


Russia moves to block LinkedIn

A Moscow court ruled Thursday that access to the social network for professionals can be blocked because it has not complied with personal data storage regulations.

LinkedIn (LNKDTech30) was found to be in violation of a rule requiring data on Russian citizens to be stored on servers inside the country.

Facebook wants to kill LinkedIn by helping you find your next dream job

In order to leave a bigger impact on your professional life, the world’s biggest social network is now ready to challenge LinkedIn. It should be noted that LinkedIn was recently bought by Microsoft for $26 billion.

Russian hacker behind LinkedIn breach also charged with hacking Drobox and Formspring

Now, United States authorities have officially indicted Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, 29-years-old Russian national, for hacking not just LinkedIn, but also the online cloud storage platform Dropbox, and now-defunct social-networking company Formspring.

Nikulin was arrested in Prague on October 5 by the Czech police after Interpol issued an international arrest warrant.

Lessons learned from major hacks

Ashley Madison - 32m accounts leaked

Last year, real-world account details of millions of people using the Ashley Madison site were leaked. They had all been using a site intended for married people who wanted to find somebody to cheat on their spouse with.

In terms of numbers, this was not the biggest hack of recent years by a long shot. But it had a huge impact on peoples' lives.

LinkedIn denies gender bias claim over site search

Seattle Times investigation found searching for "Stephanie Williams" on the professional networking service would trigger a prompt for "Stephen Williams" instead, for example.

At least a dozen of the most common female names in the US were affected.

LinkedIn has updated its algorithm to avoid proposing alternative names.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26bn

The software giant will pay $196 a share - a premium of almost 50% to Friday's closing share price.

The deal will help Microsoft boost sales of its business and email software.

Microsoft said that LinkedIn would retain its "distinct brand, culture and independence".