No moves in place to promote medicinal use of marijuana in Samoa

La'aulialemalietoa told the Samoa Observer there is a huge amount of work to look into it and get their heads around it.

He said other countries are saying marijuana has good medicinal use, but the way it is used in Samoa is not good.

He said Samoa categorises it as a narcotic despite other countries classing it as a medical drug.

He added he understands Samoa might be able to do it any other time in the future, but carefully.

Samoa Police arrest 2, seize drugs, firearms in a raid

During the operation yesterday, Police seized 4 utensils, cash totalling SAT$5000.00, 2 firearms (22 & 42 live) 22 bullets and 57grams of marijuana leaves.

Other items confiscated included 4 sildenafils 100mg per tab (viagra), 1 electronic scale,  fake plate numbers (Regulate, 2PAC) , 4 flash drives and 3 hard drives.

Police said the two individuals are in their custody awaiting remand.


Photo supplied SPPS  Caption: Some of the items seized during a Police raid at Faatoia. 


Samoa Police seize over 1000 marijuana plants

Two men aged 23-years and 35-uears have been arrested in connection with the discovery of the drug.

Police said they discovered a marijuana plantation.

Officers also confiscated 3 weapons found on site.

The suspects both from Samalaeulu will be charged criminally with possession and cultivation of narcotics.


Photo Samoa Police  Caption: Marijuana plants confiscated from a plantation at Samalaeulu, Savai'i this morning 


7 arrested in major drug bust in Samoa

The role of the Ministry of Police and Prisons in ensuring that Samoa is protected from criminal offenses in the possession of marijuana and drugs as well as the illegal possession of firearms cannot end. , as the Commissioner of Police, Fuiavailili Egon Keil.

"This morning, police raided several families in Faleatiu and Fasito'o-uta and seized large quantities of marijuana, pipes used for smoking drugs, money and more than $ 1000, laptops, mobile phones, firearms, ammunition, handcuffs and agaes, ”said Fuiavailili according to a report in the Savali newspaper.

Over $500,000 tala worth of drugs seized at Samoa’s Matautu Wharf

The drug bust has been described as historical as over 2000grams of marijuana and more than 500grams of methamphetamine imported in two separate shipments from the United States were seized   

A statement said the marijuana were concealed inside seven laundry powder packs and a can of Stax whilst the methamphetamine was concealed inside a box of cereal.

The more than fourteen hour operation took place at the Customs Headquarters at Matautu-tai.

Two men arrested for procession of marijuana

The 42 year old and 27 year old were arrested after the police conducted a raid in their area following the concerning number of complaints of marijuana activities in the Tafaigata area.

Police seized 162 plastic bags of marijuana dried leaves, branches and marijuana seeds.


No need to legalise marijuana for medical purposes in Samoa

“There is no reason for us to do such a senseless thing,” Tuilaepa told local broadcaster TV1.

He said marijuana was legalised in Saipan for medical purposes and the place of cultivation of the crop could only be accessed by Police of that country.

In Samoa, hardly a week goes by without a marijuana-related matter going before the court.

Possession of near completed joint have been known to land the possessor with a two-week jail sentence.

Decades of jailing smokers and growers have failed to stop use of marijuana.


Marijuana to treat drug addiction?

A friendlier, less disciplined sister of abstinence, this philosophy aims to reduce the overall level of drug use among people who are unable or simply unwilling to stop. What should naturally follow is a decrease in the many negative consequences of drug use.

In other words: progress, not perfection, as advocates of Alcoholics Anonymous often say.

Marijuana leftovers sicken dog in Colorado

Patty Moore called the veterinarian after her Golden Retriever, Chance, started acting strange, she told CNN affiliate KCNC.

Moore said the 10-year-old dog couldn't stand to eat. "It was like her legs didn't work at all," she said.

Chance's vet diagnosed the dog as having ingested marijuana. The telltale signs: the animal appeared depressed, drunk or stupefied for no apparent reason.

Canada eyes plan to legalize marijuana by 2018: 5 things to know

On Thursday, the Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled its plans to legalize recreational marijuana.

If the Cannabis Act passes Parliament, Canada would become the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to regulate a legal marijuana market.

The government's new policy had been expected for some time as Trudeau had endorsed legalizing marijuana on the campaign trail.