Matty Johns

Matty Johns’ left-field idea for 18th NRL team

On Wednesday, the NRL officially confirmed the Dolphins had clinched the league’s 17th licence, staving off bids from the Brisbane Firehawks and Brisbane Jets.

The Australian Rugby League Commission accepted the Dolphins as the preferred candidate on the back of the club’s $70 million assets and $20 million cash reserves.

Matty Johns reveals plan to coach Samoa with brother Joey and SBW

Matt Parish currently coaches Toa Samoa but he’s under pressure to keep his job, with news earlier this year players have been lobbying to replace him.

Johns was asked on Sunday Night With Matty Johns if he was serious about taking the job, having mentioned it briefly during last week’s program.

“They’ve got a head coach at the moment there. But I spoke to Joey (Andrew) again about it today, and yeah (we are serious), definitely,” Johns said.

“We’ve got full-time jobs so I don’t know how it would work out, and Joey has been talking to Sonny Bill Williams as well.