Measles epidemic

Health authorities in Samoa emphasize importance of measles vaccination

In an interview with Tala Fou TV1 Samoa, Leausa said they have to improve coverage and if people are unsure whether their children are vaccinated then they should get them vaccinated.

There have been 3 deaths related to measles, 15 confirmed cases and 314 suspected cases of measles since an epidemic was declared in Samoa early October..

Leausa said the ministry had to modify operations including closing some General Outpatient services to mobilise staff to focus on the epidemic.

Samoa to close all schools after exams because of measles

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education, Afamasaga Dr Karoline Fuata'i made the announcement on Friday.

TV1 Samoa reported the CEO has stated that Cabinet has approved for all primary schools to be closed from 15 November and high schools from 29 November after they complete their exams.

Afamasaga said most primary schools had finished national exams for the year except for some who were sitting entry exams to higher levels.

She said once they finished, they would be closed down.

Samoa measles epidemic: Immunologist furious at NZ

There are now 314 suspected cases in Samoa, where three people are thought to have died from the disease.

Samoans are flocking to hospitals and clinics for vaccination but in the wake of last year's MMR vaccine crisis herd immunity in the country has plummeted.

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris said given New Zealand's responsibility for the 1918 flu epidemic reaching Samoa and wiping out 22 percent of the population, this country should have done more to protect Samoa from the outbreak.

Samoa reports 3 deaths suspected from measles

The Ministry of Health is currently awaiting laboratory tests results for 146 cases as well as the three mortalities.

The deceased are an 8-month old, 14-month-old and a 37-year-old.

There have been 314 suspected cases of measles with 15 confirmed as of 27 October.

Most of the 314 cases are children less than 4 years of age.

A total of 249 of the suspected cases reside in Upolu and 5 in Savaii.

According to the Ministry of Health, 91 of the 314 suspected cases have been admitted to hospital.

Samoa's health ministry urges NZ to control measles outbreak

Samoa's government declared a measles outbreak this week, appealing for parents to vaccinate their children after a 14-month toddler "highly suspected" to have measles died in Apia.

Emergency procedures were underway as the government anticipated measles escalating, Samoa's Deputy Director General of Public Health Robert Thomsen said.

‘Measles epidemic’ declared in Samoa

A total of seven cases have been confirmed following tests carried out on specimens of suspected cases.

The specimens were sent to the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory Melbourne, Australia.

Five of the confirmed cases were children, two were under the age of five years.

The tragic case last week, which resulted in the loss of life is a highly suspected case of measles based on clinical assessment and evaluation.

The health ministry is currently awaiting laboratory confirmation.