Methodist Church

Methodist churches pray for unity in Samoa as political stalemate continues

The service led by the Methodist president, Reverend Faulalo Leti was held at the main Methodist Church in Faleula on Upolu on Sunday.

Rev. Faulalo delivered an emotional speech urging everyone to pray.

“Let us work together, pray together my fellow Methodist family, for our nation’s crisis. Not only that of the government, but as well as the uncertainties within our own churches with regards to the divergences between churches and the ministers, that is the purpose of this service,” Rev. Leti said.

Samoa Methodist minister faces 10 charges over sexual allegations

Charges include one of rape and seven of sexual misconduct with a family member, as well as an indecent act to a dependent member of his family, who is a girl under 16 years of age.

The accused has appeared in the Supreme Court for the second time, with the case being adjourned without a plea being entered until next Monday to allow the defence lawyer to talk with his client.

The accused has been stripped of his pastoral roles.

The alleged offences happened when Mr Tuliau was serving at the Satalo Methodist Church.


Samoa Methodist church supports new tax

The church's general secretary, Faulalo Leti, said its General Conference had opted to support the law.

Reverend Leti said the church understands the taxes will be used to develop Samoa, something Methodists support.

He said some Methodist ministers had registered to pay tax before their General Conference made this decision.

Meanwhile, the deadline for registering to pay tax has been extended until the end of the month as pastors from the Congregational Christian Church continue to say they will not pay.