Microsoft goes after Apple users with sleek Surface desktop

The company showed off a collection of shiny new tech products Wednesday morning ahead of the holiday shopping season.

As expected, Microsoft (MSFTTech30) debuted an all-in-one Surface PC called Surface Studio ($2,999), which has a strong focus on creativity. It's clear the company wants users to start thinking of its products as more than just productivity tools.

Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, DeepMind announce the biggest partnership on AI

 AI creations can write captions for images, create trailers for moviesdiagnose cancer, etc. There has been a lot of development in this field.

Google, Facebook, Amazon join forces on future of AI

Amazon, Google's DeepMind, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft will work together on issues such as privacy, safety and the collaboration between people and AI.

Dubbed the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, it will include external experts.

One said he hoped the group would address "legitimate concerns".

"We've seen a very fast development in AI over a very short period of time," said Prof Yoshua Bengio, from the University of Montreal.

Mozilla, Apple, and Google join Microsoft’s army to fight against US gagging orders

Mozilla, in coalition with Apple, Lithium, and Twilio, has filed anamicus brief to fuel the lawsuit against the DOJ.

Microsoft filed the lawsuit in April in order to put a bar on gag orders issued by the courts. The orders prohibit a company to make public disclosure or even notify the concerned person when a security agency requests for the data in the name of criminal investigation.

Microsoft buys game streaming service ‘Beam’ to fight Twitch and YouTube

Beam is quite smaller than the current streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube but it does offer something promising. Beam’s main USP is the user interaction provided in the stream, unlike Twitch and YouTube which currently focus on watch and chat experience.

Major win for Microsoft in 'free for all' data case

The decision is being seen as a precedent for protecting the privacy of cloud computing services.

The US Department of Justice had wanted to access a server in Ireland, as part of an investigation into a drugs case.

The ruling, made by an appeals court, overturns an order granted by a court in Manhattan in 2014.

The DoJ said it was disappointed by the decision and was considering what it would do next. If it appeals, the case could then move to the US Supreme Court.

Microsoft said it welcomed the ruling.


Zuckerberg is spending millions to make Africans a Programming Expert

Andela provides necessary training and pairs them with top technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. Recently, Andela managed to secure Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan as its lead investors.

Mark Zuckerberg made headlines when he announced that he’ll be spending his 99 percent of Facebook shares on good causes like curing diseases, education, and connecting the world.

Microsoft to help track legalised marijuana sales

It is the first-ever partnership of its kind for Microsoft.

Kind has been selling its marijuana tracking software to businesses and governments for some three years.

The start-up will now be able work on Microsoft's government cloud.

Microsoft calls new Xbox a 6 teraflop 'monster'

The new Xbox One is codenamed "Project Scorpio," Microsoft announced during its E3 presentation Monday.

The word teraflops sent Twitter into a fit of snickering.

"I know 'teraflop' is an actual term and all that, but it still sounds incredibly silly when used in conversation or promotion," Vincent Lovallo tweeted.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26bn

The software giant will pay $196 a share - a premium of almost 50% to Friday's closing share price.

The deal will help Microsoft boost sales of its business and email software.

Microsoft said that LinkedIn would retain its "distinct brand, culture and independence".