Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Samoa’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries strives to improve Agriculture Sector Plan

   MAF Chief Executive Officer, Tilafono David Hunter said they are working closely with partners and stakeholders to better performance.

"From these evaluations, we will see if the Ministry followed the procedures and guidelines from the last sector plan, and also to see what benefit we have, see if our work and the help we provide meets with the needs of our stakeholders and partners, and find out some challenges to work on in the next five years.”

Savaii farmers and fishermen sign grant agreement to mark milestone

The Ministry’s CEO, Tilafono David Hunter said it is an important progress for the SAPFROM project since it was signed in 2019 between the Government of Samoa and their key donor partners, World Bank and the International Fund for Agriculture Development.

“When SAFPROM was officially signed, we received over 3,000 applications for the Matching Grant Progamme from around the country. The large numbers of applications went through a comprehensive screening and verification process last year.”

Increased shark sightings good news for Samoa fishery - ministry

According to Newsline Samoa acting chief executive of the Fisheries division, Magele Eteuati Ropeti, said the increased sightings were an indication that there are plenty of fish in Samoa's waters.

But he also said having more sharks in the area makes it riskier for people fishing and he urged the public to exercise more caution in the water.

Magele said a team from the Fisheries Division had to cancel an ocean survey at Taga last week because sharks were sighted in the area.

20 new Fish Aggregating Devices deployed in Samoa

The project is one of four major undertaking unveiled this week by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Minister Laaulialemalietoa Leauatea Polataivao Fosi says the deployment of FADs is a huge challenge because it was costly and difficult to maintain as most FADs were lost due to poor designs and at most times destroyed by our own fishers.