Miss Papua New Guinea

Miss PNG loses crown after twerking video

According to the Guardian 25 year old Lucy Maino faced intense online harassment after she shared a video of herself twerking.

She was criticised for inappropriate behaviour and the website reports she has been dumped by the PNG pageant organisers.

The organisation said it aims to empower women, promote confidence, self-worth and integrity.

The Governor of East Sepik, Allan Bird, asked, "What kind of society condemns the torture and killing of women yet gets upset when a young woman does a dance video?"

10 designers to showcase fashion on Project Runway

While a few of them have made names both locally and internationally, a few are fresh faces into the industry.

This response has overwhelmed the organising committee, who aims to identify from the runway, a fashion stylist for the Miss PNG entrant to the Miss Pacific Island Pageant.

Deputy Chairperson of the Miss Pacific Island Pageant (MPIP) PNG Molly O’Rourke said:

“This goes to show there is so much talent and potential in our arts and we, the Project Runway, are only gleaning the tip of the iceberg.”

Designers introduced are: